Price List

Sale only to entrepreneurs, tradesmen, public institutions and freelancers.

EuroCUT is multi-lingual: English, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian

OS  Art No. Description US$                 

S.5031-8_DL EuroCUT Design 8
without cutting module
249 Buy

S.5031-8F_DL EuroCUT Design 8 - Company Version
For use on multiple computers at one (!) company site (MultiUser)
Requirement: Registered EuroCUT Design 8 main license
249 Buy

S.5034-8_DL EuroCUT Basic 8 799 Buy

S.5030-8 EuroCUT Professional 8 1499 Buy

S.6037 EuroCUT Professional 8 - Cross Upgrade
Switchover from competitor cutting software* to EuroCUT Professional 8
*) In exchange for a competitor software (manual, data carrier, license key or dongle - if available)
699 Buy

S.5042 EuroCUT Professional 8 - Second Place Licence
2nd dongle for use within the same company
Requirement: Registered EuroCUT Professional main license
The license fee is payable for each dongle. If more than 3 licenses are needed, the acquisition of a further main license is necessary. Then another "Second Place" version can be purchased.
469 Buy

S.5109 Upgrade EuroCUT Design --> EuroCUT Design 8 99 Buy

S.110-8 Upgrade EuroCUT Basic 7.5 --> EuroCUT Basic 8 179 Buy

S.108-8 Upgrade EuroCUT Basic 3–7 --> EuroCUT Basic 8 259 Buy

S.6047-8 Upgrade EuroCUT Professional 7.5 --> EuroCUT Professional 8 249 Buy

S.6046-8 Upgrade EuroCUT Professional 7 --> EuroCUT Professional 8 459 Buy

S.6023-8 Upgrade EuroCUT 1–6.5 oder EuroCUT Basic --> EuroCUT Professional 8 649 Buy

Opti-FE Upgrade EuroCUT Professional --> OptiScout on request  

S.5119b Upgrade StoneCut / SmartCut / SmartVector --> EuroCUT Basic 8 259 Buy

EuroCUT runs from Windows 7 or newer and includes auto import macros for CorelDRAW X3-X8 & 2017-2022, CorelDesigner, Illustrator 8-CC, InDesign CS4-CC, Inkscape and AutoCAD 2002 / 2002LT - 2023 / 2023LT

Prices in US$ per piece without value added tax (net). Adjustments and mistakes reserved.
Valid from 08/11/2022. All previous lists are no longer valid.